Time to…Say Goodbye.

I shuffled through my iPod to listen to some calming music for the jitters and then Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli’s duet, Time to Say Goodbyeturns on.

What a perfect song for the occasion.

I am pretty nervous. I feel like I am about to go on a blind date with a super attractive person, whom in this situation is the Peace Corps.

I stuffed myself with all the Korean food, Mexican tacos, Texas BBQ, and Chick-fil-A I could literally eat. I shared so many hugs and conversations with my family; I even piggy-backed all of my family members. Yes, even my father. I packed, re-packed, un-packed, and then re-packed my luggage about 100 times. Now, it is finally the day of being a part of the Peace Corps (or Cuerpo de Paz in Spanish).

Today, I will travel to Miami, Florida for “Staging,” which is similar to an orientation of meeting my 28 comrades, learning topics such as safety and security, and sharing a glimpse of what to expect and if we are indeed ready for the Peace Corps.

The following day, we will head to Colombia. This is where we will begin our three-month Pre-Service Training (PST) which includes cross cultural, language, technical, and safety and security training to be best equipped for our service. I am really looking forward to fitting in, improving my background in Spanglish, and meeting my host family.

I will let you know how my blind date goes.

My stomach is flipping out.