About Me

My name is Angell Kim and in three words, I would describe myself as energetic, genuine, and positive.

My blog name is Anhell (Angell = spelt in the way it would be pronounced in Spanish as the “g” carries the “h” sound) Beal (my middle name and also, my Korean name) and Kim (my last name).

I attended St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas for two years and then transferred to the University of Texas in Austin, Texas and received a degree in International Relations and Global Studies. I would say that school taught me to be culturally aware, respectful, and shaped me into a little activist with an interest in the world, volunteering, public service, and leadership.

After graduating, I had the great opportunity to work for an international medical device consulting company, Emergo, as a project manager. For a year and four months, I learned to apply my expanded cultural awareness to my job, work with different people all around the world, write extremely clearly, lead and help efficiently, and exude confidence when it came down to business.

Now, as 2016 has beautifully rolled around, I will be using my life skills serving in the Peace Corps in Colombia as a Teaching English for Livelihoods (TEL) teacher. My role entails co-teaching English to students with Colombian teachers.

People ask me why I chose to do this and I would have to accredit my interest in serving others and my desire to better understand and learn from diverse people. We often get lost in the news which only conveys the hostility of the world, we become ignorant to avoid that negativity, and then we become sheltered into our comfortable bubble. We forget that there are many people doing good in the world, that life is about learning and that comes with overcoming comfort zones, and that empathy can strengthen relations and understanding. I want to incorporate my love for volunteering, efforts to relate to others, and represent the United States of America overseas through my Peace Corps opportunity.

Furthermore, since I have been very fortunate with the opportunities I have had, the friends I have made, and the help I have received, it is time to share the good karma to the people of Colombia. My life mantra is to serve and help others and I will do exactly this in Colombia.

This blog is to share with you this part of my life as I serve.


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